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Calendar sync can’t create calendar

Syncthing 3.13.0 (250) / iOS 15.3 I turned on the new Calendar sync feature but nothing happened. I have this in my logs: ``` 04:12:03 Unable to create beorg calendar: Error Domain=EKErrorDomain Code=17 "That account does not allow calendars to be added or removed." UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=That account does not allow calendars to be added or removed.} ``` I suspect this is because I have a number of accounts and whatever account Beorg defaults to (the first?) won't let it create a new one. The fix may be to select the account or just choose the iCloud Calendar account. (my Default Calendar is my gmail calendar, if that affects anything). thanks for a great app, as ever!
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Thanks for the bug report. I'll take a look at what I need to do for the use case where the default calendar isn't iCloud / give the user the option of selecting where the calendar is created.

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