Turn on "Sync items to Calendar" from the Settings tab to enable one-way syncing from beorg to your calendar. When this is enabled beorg will attempt to create a new iCloud calendar and create events for items that appear in the beorg agenda. This is one-way only so any changes made to the created calendar events will be overwritten or deleted. The calendar that beorg creates should be considered read only. If you find that this feature isn't useful to you then once disabled simply delete the calendar beorg created. You should have this feature enabled on only one device otherwise you'll find multiple calendars are created.

Also in this release:

+ Long press calendar entries in your agenda to create tasks

+ A fix for unexpected behaviour when searching for items within a certain number of days and repeating items

+ These update notes are now more detailed and you can view changes in previous versions of beorg

+ Added some additional logging for clocking

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