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Support other logging options

#+title: Beorg Init
* Needs a heading?
#+begin_src scheme
;; set! can only do one at a time
(set! org-log-done #f)
(set! org-log-into-drawer "LOGBOOK")

;; ;; these are missing from beorg
;; (set! org-log-redeadline 'time)
;; (set! org-log-reschedule 'time)
;; (set! org-log-refile 'time)
;; ;; I don't think this is a big concern since C-RET to add TODO's of the same state isn't really used on mobile
;; (set! org-treat-insert-todo-heading-as-state-change t)

It would be nice to log redeadline, reschedule, and refile into the LOGBOOK like state changes. The 'time option should be fairly simple to implement, it just adds a line to the drawer saying what happened, the old date that was changed, and when the change was made, e.g.:

- State "ABRT"       from "TODO"       [2021-04-08 Thu 11:59]
- Refiled on [2021-03-24 Wed 11:10]
- New deadline from "[2021-03-22 Mon 23:00]" on [2021-03-17 Wed 12:34]
- Rescheduled from "[2019-09-13 Fri 20:00]" on [2019-09-16 Mon 11:00]
- State "TODO"       from              [2019-09-12 Thu 11:08]

See the Org implementation of these variables for more details.

Thank you for the suggestion. I've made a note of this in my big list of potential future enhancements.

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I've just tested the above configuration, and Beorg doesn't seem to be logging into the LOGBOOK drawer when I complete a task. I confirmed in the REPL the init was loaded using `(alert org-log-into-drawer "hello")`, which showed an alert with LOGBOOK as the title. (Beorg's BiwaScheme doesn't seem to have a `print`, `console-log`, or `display`?).  When I mark a task as done, the completion is not logged. Does the drawer need to exist for the task already?

Also, if `org-log-into-drawer` is set, maybe capturing a TODO should store the timestamp using the drawer format rather than as a plain timestamp in the notes. For me, Org in Emacs records a line like this in LOGBOOK upon creation:

- State "TODO"       from              [2022-01-23 Sun 12:41]

 Effectively, it just logs the creation as yet another state change that happens to be from a nonexistent state, which makes things easier.

Thanks for the response! Beorg is great for browsing my tasks on iOS.

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