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Date/Time being translated

I think I'm seeing that times like this:

<2022-01-07 Fri 10:00-11:00>

are being translated by Beorg to:

<2022-01-07 Fri 10:00>--<2022-01-07 Fri 11:00>


David Masterson

This is how date/time ranges are currently implemented. However definitely room for optimising this when the times are on the same day. I've made a note to take a look at this for a future update.

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One issue of this is that this is a change for the version control system -- even though you didn't make this change.

Has this been worked on?

I also think we need to better specify date/time handling.  For instance:

I had a series of meetings scheduled for this week M-Th 10:30-12:15.  I set the time like this:

    <2023-06-05 Mon 10:30-12:15>--<2023-06-08 Thu 10:30-12:15>

This seemed to work in Emacs, but Ihor Radchenko is telling me that it shouldn't (but does currently).  If this is not good form, what form would you suggest?  Breaking the meeting into 4 separate tasks?

Actually, further discussions on the emacs-orgmode mailing list led to the discovery of:


This controls whether you can have multiple timestamps (not SCHEDULED/DEADLINE) in a single task.  That's useful for (say) when you have a set of meetings to discuss a particular topic at work.  You could either treat each meeting as a separate task with separate meeting minutes  or put multiple timestamps in one task with just an overall set of key points from all meetings.

Does BeOrg handle multiple timestamps per task?

beorg doesn't currently support multiple timestamps on an item. You can have a scheduled, deadline and timestamp - but only one of each.

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