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Scheme in widget custom search?

Hi, Does the custom search for the home screen widget accept scheme commands? I’ve tried adding (string=? (item-state item) "TODO"), but the widget never updates. Not sure if I am doing something wrong…or if this feature hasn’t been added yet. Thanks for a great app, by the way!

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have fixed this in the beorg code, and should work in the next beorg update.

The reason for your search for not working is that the search gets cached to a file, but the calculated filename used contained a '/' character. You may find that inserting a space, for example making there be two spaces after the string=?, will fix your problem as that will likely use a valid filename.

Thanks! I am wondering if there are two different issues that I am seeing. I’ve been able to construct scheme searches that appear to work — i.e., the widget actually updates and shows todo entries. However, even when it works, I only see entries from one of my org files (I have about 25-30 org files, divided by client). Sometimes it randomly shifts to displaying the entries from one of the other org files. In case it matters, this is the search I am using: (and (string=? (item-state item) "TODO") (not (string=? (item-file item) "")))
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