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Agenda not loading on WatchOS

I recently bought a series 7 apple watch and was excited to see beorg supports it. However, when I open the app on the watch, no items show up. Instead there is some icon suggesting download perhaps? (Screenshot attached.) I'm on WatchOS 8.1.1 and syncing my org files using Dropbox. (Perhaps only iCloud syncing is supported?)

Great to hear it is now working for. If you have any further issues please get back in touch.

Thanks Matthew! Reviewing the log, I could see the message for initiating the transfer to the watch, but nothing would happen after that point. I restarted both the phone and the watch (should have tried that first, sorry!) and then it was able to transfer and it's working properly now. Thanks again!

Try the following:

- Open beorg on your phone first

- Now open beorg on your Apple Watch

If after a few seconds the agenda doesn't appear then check out the beorg debug log. This has some messages letting you know when the agenda is sent from the phone to the watch. See for details on how to do this. If you can't see anything obvious please send me the log or the relevant looking parts of the log (make sure you can't see any personal details in the log before sending). Either raise a ticket on this system or email me directly at

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