beorg 3.11.3

beorg 3.11 had a bug which stopped notifications and the app badge working for many people. This latest release should fix that bug. If you do notice any problems with notifications, or the app badge, please let me know.

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My dropbox is not able to sync since 3.11.3 (242). I have opened a ticket. Please check this out.

The first thing I would try is to unlink Dropbox (Settings tab, then tap Unlink Account) and link again. If that doesn't work please add the beorg debug log to your ticket (

I use Dropbox with my personal install of beorg and haven't noticed any issues with 3.11.3 so hoping that a relink will sort out the issue.

Hello Matthew,

it might sound strange, but unlinking and reinstalling did not solve the problem, but actually renaming my standard org folder into org1 did the trick.

Thanks for the great app btw, i love it!

Best regards

I had the same issue as David H, but thanks to his proposed solution, I was able to fix it. I was also getting the same error, and I also was unable to fix it by simply linking and unlinking the account.

However, simply renaming my org folder to org1 would break quite a few things on my Mac.

Instead I renamed the original org folder to org1, created a new org folder, and synced  everything back to the org folder.

% mv org org1

% mkdir org

% rsync -a org1/  org

It seems to be working again now, but I do not know why.

Thanks David and Bill for the updates. This is a puzzling issue! I'm unable to replicate the issue so far with an org directory I've been using for a number of years for testing of Dropbox (I also use Dropbox personally with beorg for syncing). I will continue to look into this. Thanks!

If anyone else is having this issue and would like to help investigate I do have a test build of beorg which logs some additional information.

The issue has been solved. Thanks to everyone who provided information and logs. The update should be available in the next few days once approved by Apple.

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