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Files disappear from beorg list


I currently sync beorg using the "Choose folder" option, and selecting a specific folder within iCloud. It's worth noting that I also edit files in this folder via emacs on both Mac and Windows.

I've noticed that occasionally when I open beorg, some of the files will be missing from the list under the files tab. The only way I can figure out to get them showing again is to open the iOS files app, navigate to the folder and wait for the iCloud download icon (in the top right corner of the thumbnail) to then download the file. Now when I re-open beorg the file appears again.

Whilst knowing how to resolve it is good, my main issue with this behavior is that if I have any tasks with a due date, I no longer get an iOS notification, making it unreliable.

I'm not issue is the default behavior with how iOS handles files, or whether there's something I'm missing on my end. Do you know of any way I can resolve this?

Many thanks.

Thanks for the reply. I have just created a support ticket providing that info (#33219).

The next time this happens (i.e. you see missing files in beorg) copy/paste the log into an email/ticket to support (removing anything which looks confidential at all) and also list the names of the files which are missing in beorg but are present in the Files app. See for how to access the beorg debug log.

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