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beorg creates strange new drawer

Sometimes when I mark a  repeating task as DONE, beorg would put the log entry into a strange new drawer (drawer name seems to be random) instead of the LOGBOOK drawer.  

Here is a video that shows the issue.!ApusOOAzSdYlhLt49fNXDL6CDngpuA?e=IZpQX9

is anyone else getting this? you might need to check your org files as the issue is not the easiest to spot.   

I have recently fixed a bug in beorg (although not yet released) regarding drawers being indented with spaces not properly parsed by beorg. Do you also use Emacs with logbook drawers which are indented?

Hi Matthew, 

No, I don't indent drawers when using emacs. Actually I have `(org-adapt-indentation nil)` in my init.el 



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