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Support for checkbox cookies

I frequently use checkboxes and I’d love to see support for automatically updating cookies in headlines, such as [33%] or [1/3]. Beorg could update the headline cookie when checkboxes are toggled. More details:

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Support for checkboxes only sounds like good start to me. Supporting hierarchies would definitely be nice, but not essential.

No update on this yet, however it is always good to see continued interest in a feature so thanks for adding to this forum topic.

When I took a look it appears more complex than I first thought - i.e. do I support just checkboxes, or also subheadings. For checkboxes you can have nested checkboxes, and ideally I should be updating the parent checkbox (and cookie) appropriately. When I looked at the behaviour in Emacs I can see that it isn't quite clear what should happen if you have both checkboxes and subheadlines - Emacs seems to try updating for both but the cookie total doesn't count both.

It might be that to start with maybe I forgot about support for headlines and concentrate just on checkboxes. Would you expect that checkbox hierarchies should update when all children are completed? (In an ideal world I guess the answer here is yes!)

Any update on this? I’m a happy subscriber, but opening Emacs just to update cookies for longer lists is a bit of a hassle.

I would also love this change! I use checkboxes a lot and find I have to manually update the cookies in headlines.

Thanks for the prod on this one Christian. Another relatively easy improvement I really should get around to making.

The existing checkbox support is great ✔️ Just noticed that my [9/34] cookie didn’t update when ticking them off and now it doesn’t feel like I progressed much. +1 to the request :)

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