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iOS widget

 I got very excited to see there is a beorg widget and I can have my top tasks displayed on the home screen ... but it only seems to display tasks with due dates set against them?

It negates a GTD workflow as you need to start dicking around with dates on tasks as their priorities shift, why not just let me set the priority to a task and have that be the determining factor as to which ones filter to the top?

Putting dates on tasks is usually notional and/or aspirational and never bears out in reality and this is where most productivity apps fall down - hence the move towards GTK workflows in apps like Things3 and I always regarded one of the benefits of org mode as the ability to follow this workflow.

But if I must put dates in to everything in order for it to be visible, then I might as well just be using Apple Reminders or some other dumb todo app.

Can this be made configurable at least?

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This is something I'll look into. I implemented a little while back the ability to create searches which also defined how the results should be sorted. This could then be leveraged to give more flexibility to the widgets.

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