beorg 3.10.4

You can now turn off automatic sync to stop syncing whenever you modify something in beorg. beorg will still sync when backgrounded however if you use a non-iCloud sync method this can speed up using beorg if you are modifying lots of items one after another. See the Settings tab in beorg in the sync section to turn this off.

If you use WebDAV and were seeing some percent encodings in filenames you should find these are now gone.

Clock lines now have two spaces before the total time spent to match behavior in Emacs.

You can download beorg from the App Store

Beorg 3.10.4 keeps crashing on me and has trouble displaying the time report. I am using an iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 14.7.1. I am connected to Dropbox. The log seems unremarkable; it simply shows a series of notifications, but maybe there is a way to increase the log level. I have rebooted the iPhone, and I have deleted and reinstalled the app. I only have four Org files, and one thing of them is a bit long. Please help. Thanks!

Thank you for reporting this issue.

If you could provide a few more details that would be great:

1. Is your iPhone setup to send crash reports to developers? If not it might be worth doing this temporarily so that I receive crash reports from beorg (see for details)

2. Does beorg always crash following the same set of steps you take in the app - or does it feel it crashes randomly?

3. If there are a set of steps to trigger a crash please provide details.

4. If you are able to, please try beorg with each org file individually to see if it is a specific org file which is causing the crash.

I turned on analytics. I have not yet noticed a pattern in the crashes. I will see what I can do about testing individual files. Also, I recently consolidated some files. I am going to try to clean them up to see if that helps.

When I was looking into this I did notice a crash when beorg was updating its internal registry of tags that I hopefully have now fixed. It is possible that was the issue that caused the crashing behaviour. A fix for that will be in the next update in the next couple of weeks. If you do have any more information about what is specifically happening to you please add to this forum topic.

Last crash was while I was scrolling down the Agenda. I have attached copy of the log. The crash occurs simultaneously with “Finished scheduling notifications at 9:58 a.m.

If you'd like to help test the upcoming update let me know and I'll send you a TestFlight invite. This build may fix your issue - and if not I should get a comprehensive report of any crashes and you'll get the ability to submit feedback from within the app.

Of course. Happy to help any way I can. Sorry for the late response.
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