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Support Org habit syntax '.+2d/3d'

I would much much appreciate if you could support org habit syntax '.+2d/3d'.
Please refer this, 5.3.3 Tracking your habits
Or maybe at least make it show correctly in Agenda and TODO, which cannot show currently.

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Really need this!

I need this feature too!

I'm trying to use org mode for habit tracking.
Curently, Beorg recognizes and handles org habits as org-repeat tasks.
If I don't set the state of the every habits to done over days, It'll stacked up as every single tasks on days.

I've been using flathabit for this purpose.  It support simple repeat syntax and syncing is not perfect. The calendar UI which I feel like ticktick app is good though.

I think beorg can do this job better. Please implement this feature!
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