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Logseq compatbility


I'm new to beorg and this forum. Please excuse if my question is trivial.

Logseq is a pretty nice open-source tool for personal knowledge management with back-linking and org-mode support (handles Todos, Deadline, Schedules).

I'm able to sync beorg and Logseq (local verson), which is very nice. But beorgs date-stamps for todos (the one that can be automatically added or via the "Set date" functionality) are not compatible with Logseq. They would have to adhere to a scheme like:

[[MONTH (abbreviated, e.g. Mar) DAY+th YEAR (e.g. 2021)]]

, where the double square brackets are the link syntax for Logseq. This would then allow Logseq to link to these Todos from Beorg.

Do you if it is possible to permanently change the date-stamps in beorg to comply to such a scheme? Is this only possible with a template?

Thanks for your help.


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Its always interesting to hear about projects like Logseq. I'll have to take a look!

It isn't currently possibly to change the datestamps in beorg to be in a different format. As a workaround you could try using a template. Another idea could be to write a Scheme macro and add a button to the text editor to convert the Org mode style date into something compatible with Logseq. It would be a little manual - eventually I would like users to be able to make more use of Scheme to add functionality outside of the text editor - for example you could run a Scheme function from the item editor to make changes to the current item.

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