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Timestamp format <... 08:00-11:00> modified by beorg

Beorg changes all of my timestamps with the format    <2021-03-10 Wed 8:00-11:00>    to the format    <2021-03-10 Wed 08:00>--<2021-03-10 Wed 11:00>    after a short amount of time.

This is a big problem for me because the org-timeline package on emacs doesn't support this format.

Is this a bug or is it a feature? Can I disable this?



Somehow it doesn't seem to do it consistently.

I created two items (in the same file) with that timestamp format, saved and synced after creating each item, and the one I created after got the new format after the first one.

Somehow the first one only got this change after a few syncs.

It isn't currently possible to disable this. I could potentially look at writing a time range within the same day in the shorter form, which would make sense. Could you provide a link to the org-timeline package - there was something called org-timeline as part of Org mode which was removed a few years ago, and I can also see I'm guessing the later but would be good to know for when I take a look at this.

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It is indeed I'm currently contributing to it, so I might as well fix this in the package. I was just looking for a quick fix, and for a clearer syntax in my items.

If anyone has this problem too, try to put your timestamps outside of the "SCHEDULED:" property. You can do that easily by adding a colon (":SCHEDULED:") or by simply putting the timestamps in the body of the item. What I did was make a ":SCHEDULED:" drawer (I'm only guessing the other solutions would work too). You can't do that if your item has the ":STYLE: habit" property (emacs wouldn't like it). This might just be luck, since the issue didn't happen systematically, but I haven't been able to reproduce the problem on items for which I did that.
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