beorg 3.10.0

You can now sync beorg with a folder from another app - great if you want to use your git client app or sync service which isn't directly supported by beorg. Please note that not all apps which appear in the document picker allow you to choose a folder for sharing with another app. beorg can't currently sync individual files - only a single folder.

Also in this release:

+ Improvements to the Apple Watch agenda sync
+ Fixes for notifications not appearing
+ BiwaScheme has been updated to 0.7.1

Love that you’re now supporting additional sync sources. However, my OneDrive sources are greyed out and I can’t select them. I can only select On My iPhone. See attachment. Is this expected?

Unfortunately some of the sync apps such as OneDrive don't support selecting a folder which is why they are greyed out. Whether an app supports selecting a folder is down to the individual apps.

I'm hoping to work around this in a future update by allowing a user to select individual files that they want to sync with beorg from apps such as OneDrive.

That makes sense. Thanks Matthew!
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