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Prepend TODO task to the top when using template

Hi there. Thanks so much for releasing a great app - Beorg has made it possible for me to have access to my orgmode files when I'm away from my computer.

I have 2 questions:

Firstly, I have a  couple of templates set up in Beorg, that file my TODOs under specific headings. It's all working fine but I would like to know how to make Beorg create them at the top of the heading list, as opposed to the bottom. In orgmode, I would use ":prepend t" in my emacs file, but I'm not sure what code to use to achieve this in Beorg. This is visually what I mean:

* Todo List
** TODO I want new tasks to be added here automatically
** TODO Task 1
** TODO Task 2
** TODO Task 3
** TODO Instead of here

Secondly, I work with both .org and .txt file formats, but I'm having trouble getting Beorg to see both of them. In Settings>File Synchronization>File Extension" I added ".txt, .org" but it doesn't seem to work. What am I doing wrong here?



Thank you suggesting a prepend option for the templates, a great idea - I've added a note to look into this further in a future update.

Currently beorg doesn't support multiple file extensions. This would be a sensible enhancement, although some of the way beorg was written means that this is a bigger change than you might think - I've made a note to investigate this further.

Thanks for the reply. Regarding the prepend question, are you saying there is not currently a code snippet to add to the init file to achieve this?

There isn't yet anything you can do as a user to enable this. When I add this it will be a check box in the template editor.

Yes! A `:prepend t` option would be great!

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