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Task Management Feature

Have you ever created a task and then realized that it was really a sub task of another task/project? Would like a way to link existing tasks to one another in a hierarchy using drag and drop or some other way.

You can do this in the file view. Sub-Task can be moved "up" to the same level as its parent, moved to another task and then moved "down" to become a sub-task of a new parent.

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I see that. And I got it to work for one of my tasks. It’s a little difficult to do on a small screen. It would probably work better as drag and drop.

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I would probably use a tablet to do this or on my PC if I was using Dropbox to sync but I can see how tricky it is on a phone.

I’d like to second this request for a convenient way to reorganize task/sub task hierarchy. I’ve been using beorg as my todo for most of the last year and the things that fail in my system are the ones that need to be broken down or reorganized. It would get me a lot closer to a working implementation of GTD within beorg. Being able to easily move tasks from file to file would also be very helpful.
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