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Support for week number in templates

Hi. Thanks for a great app! I just started using templates and wonder if it is possible to add support for week numbers in the subtree specification. Something like %week%. Thanks, Jacob

Thanks for the suggestion. I've added this to my list of potential future features.

Potentially this is something that could be added by someone skilled in Scheme/JavaScript as you can also use Scheme macros, for example %(+ 3 2)%. Unfortunately the Scheme date-week-number function isn't implemented in the Scheme used by beorg which would have made this really easy...

This works in the most recent release of BiwaScheme (fixed in a PR in 2019): (date->string (current-date) "~V") But not in beorg. So maybe if beorg was updated to use a more recent BiwaScheme?

Thank you for letting me know. I shall certainly look at updating relatively soon!

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Thanks for the tip about using Scheme; I bet I can make that work. However, I second the request for %week% to be explicitly supported, since org-mode's file+olp+datetree function supports ":tree-type week" as an option, and builds the tree using week numbers.

The latest version of beorg does have the latest version of BiwaScheme included. As you say though supporting %week% would be a much better way of doing this. I've added this to my feature list.

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