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Syncthing support

 Would you consider adding Syncthing support? I use it to sync all my org files between my computers.

I use mobius also without any problems syncing to a file folder and use beorg use folder method

Currently working perfectly for me. Just need to reduce the desired sync timing but this is not beorg or Syncthing's issue, more for battery life management purposes.

Excellent, that's good news! I'll be interested to hear from any beta testers if this is working well for them.

Can be hence made to work using the "choose Folder" method currently under beta.

I've looking at this - do you know whether Syncthing allows another app to choose a folder which an app can then use transparently? Some apps (such as Dropbox, Google Drive) don't allow this - whereas other apps such as Working Copy do.

As you say the route forward is to make use of file providers in iOS, something I am hoping to get done in the next few months.

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Or maybe an easier implementation would be to be able to access local files available in the Files app: I could then use another application to sync with Syncthing

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