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iCloud Sync never worked

Hello, I am a quite big user of iCloud, hence I would like to store all org files there as well. I’ve setup the app from scratch with a sync to iCloud. Sync method: iCloud Folder: /org File extension: .org Now, from the Files app, I can see the folder and the contents of it, from Dropbox, the sync works, however, I’m not fond of using a fully featured tool like Dropbox only for org files. If I look to the logs I can see attempts of syncing Sync completed: { conflicts = (); error = “”; } But from the files tab in beorg, nothing shows

If you can post some screenshots showing the contents of the Sync section on the beorg Settings tab that would be great.

One thing also to check is if you:

  • Go into the Settings app on your device
  • Tap your name at the top (under the search bar)
  • Tap iCloud
  • Scroll down to see if you can see beorg in the APPS USING ICLOUD list - and make sure iCloud is turned on
Hi Matthew, Sorry about the poorly formatted post. Here’s hoping this one will look better. I believe these are all relevant screenshots.

I think the issue here is that beorg only uses its app/sandbox directory in iCloud. So the org folder is relative to the beorg folder at the root of your iCloud files. Based on your last screenshot it looks as though your org directory is in the root of your iCloud folder.

I'm hoping to extend beorg to use an arbitrary external folder at some point, at which time you could tell beorg to use an org file at the root of your iCloud folder - or from within another app.

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