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Repeat buttons off screen when creating new task

Since quite recently (probably due to an iOS update, don't recall when I first saw it) it's not possible to set repeats when scheduling a task because the buttons in the popup are off the bottom of the screen (and the popup is unscrollable!).

This is experienced on iPhone SE (modern / currently available version, same size as iPhone 6/7/8 etc.), and might not occur on devices with larger displays I guess.

This means it's impossible to schedule repeating tasks from this UI, which is quite an important regression for me!

Anyone else experiencing this or is it just me (!)?

Screenshot attached.

(125 KB)

(Apologies, title could be clearer, should read “when scheduling task” for clarity, unfortunately I don't see a way to edit the title!)

Do you have your screen set to zoomed display?

I'm going to look into this further when I restart work next week following the Christmas break.

Good catch, that is exactly the cause! Standard mode is fine, the overlay fits on the screen, it's only in Zoomed mode that this problem appears! Thanks for the quick diagnosis and response!

Good to have a workaround, now where are my magnifying glasses? :)

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