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Make it possible to display multiple active timestamps for an entry in the agenda

Not sure if this belongs to Feature Request or Issues. I'll just post it here.

In Emacs, an entry can have both a SCHEDULED/DEADLINE timestamp and multiple active timestamps. The use case would be: The task is supposed to be done before day X, but active timestamps are used to plan out exactly during which hours I'll work on the task, and they might also be on different days.

Then both the active timestamps and the SCHEDULED/DEADLINE timestamp will be shown in the agenda. (Even the clock entries will be shown if you toggle `org-agenda-log-mode`, though that might be a ticket on its own.)

In beorg, the current behavior is like this:

1. if there are both a SCHEDULED timestamp and an active timestamp, it seems that only the SCHEDULED timestamp will be shown in the agenda.

2. If there are multiple active timestamps, it seems that only the first (top) active timestamp will be shown in the agenda.

It would be nice to enable displaying the entry multiple times in the agenda according to all its timestamps.

Optionally, it would be nice if the whole duration of the active timestamp is shown, which Emacs supports.

An example that shows everything mentioned above:


               8:00......  ----------------
              10:00......  ----------------
  Test: 11:25-12:20  Task 1
  Test: 11:56-13:02 Clocked:   (01:06)  Task 1 (<- this line is displayed by org-agenda-log-mode)
              12:00......  ----------------
  Test2:   13:00-14:00  NEXT [#B] Task 2
              14:00......  ----------------
  Test:   14:00-15:00  Task 1

  Test2:   Sched.2x:   NEXT [#B] Task 2 (<- this line comes from the SCHEULED timestamp of the task. It was actually scheduled 2 days ago)


Thank you for adding this to the forum. Eventually I would like beorg to be able to handle flexible multiple date types, both in terms of displaying in the agenda/search but also in being able to edit them.

I am also very interested in this feature and hope it could be implemented!

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