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Could moving an item not immediately open the keyboard?

Whenever I’m sorting out all the items I’ve added, I move up and down, promote and demote, a bunch of them in quick succession. Each time I move an item the keyboard immediately opens and covers most of the screen. Is it possible, or even desirable to others, to not have the keyboard immediately open? Thank you, Patrick.

Are you looking to have the buttons that appear above the keyboard on screen but without the keyboard showing? I can see that, particularly on smaller screens, that would be helpful.

Correct. The TODO states button row and the above could stay. I use Beorg a lot from an iPad mini and even that screen in portrait mode is not large enough to afford losing the screen real estate every time in my opinion. Having the keyboard open every time also moves the view of the list a lot too. I tend to brain dump a lot via Drafts and then sort out the latest new items later.
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