beorg 3.8.1

Hot on the heels of 3.8.0 comes 3.8.1. This release gives you the ability to create a time report from items in different files, and enhances the search UI.

To create a time report with items from different files use search to show the items you want to include. Now tap the 'More' button at the top right of the screen and select 'Time Reporting...'. You'll now get daily, weekly, monthly and 'all time' time reports for all of the items in your search.

The search UI in beorg works with a simple syntax. For example "f projects s IN-PROGRESS" will show you all the headlines from the 'projects' file which are in the 'IN-PROGRESS' state. You can either remember the status or use the helper bar above the keyboard to construct the search. The helper bar is context sensitive, so if you have an 'f' before the cursor then it will know to show you a list of all your files. In beorg 3.8.1 you can now filter the list of files (or states, property names, etc) as you type. If like me you have quite a few files and use properties extensively then this will be a massive boon.

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