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Clock report for clock entries gathered from all files

I see in the official guide that the way you use clocks is to usually consolidate all clock entries within one file, even under one tree. For me and I think many others as well, items are recorded in different files, grouped by topic. e.g. Work, Exercise, Reading, Entertainment etc. It would be great if there could be a clock report functionality (in some future release) which collects clock entries from all files and display them together (similar to what org-agenda does).

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That is certinaly my intention. The code I've written can be given any number of items, potentially spread across different files, and it will consolidate the hierarchies of all of those to generate the reports. I'm hoping to add the functionality to the UI relatively soon so users can do this. This will probably be available from the Tasks tab so you can perform a search, or bring up a saved search/filter, and then ask beorg to generate a time report for all the displayed items.

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