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Keep the timer going even when not editing the item

If I understood it correctly, it seems that the timer would stop once I exit the task, which is a bummer, since sometimes while doing a task I need to look up my other notes. I understand that it might not be easy to locate the original entry which the timer is for, once I cancel out of the "edit item" screen. Still, it would be nice if we had this functionality. This is also basically how I use org-mode on my computer as a pomodoro tracking system while I do other stuffs in Emacs (e.g. coding).

Hmm, maybe I'm mistaken. Now I see that the clock is still going even when I exit the task. Guess my mistake was to click on "cancel" instead of "save". I guess when I click on "save", beorg figures out that there's an open clock, and displays it accordingly. Thanks for the feature!

Glad to hear this is sorted. The timers in beorg work in more or less the same way as in Org mode - starting a time just adds a line to the LOGBOOK drawer, so if you don't save the entry it as if the timer never existed. I'll take a look to check that starting a timer though does mark the item as changed so that you get a warning if you try cancelling after having started one.

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