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Use CREATED property for the timestamp when an entry is created

This is a minor thing. Currently an inactive timestamp is added to the body of the entry. However, one convention (from `(org-expiry-insert-created)` and also the case in Orgzly) is to put this inactive timestamp under a specific property called CREATED, which seems somehow tidier to me. Would it be possible to make it at least a toggable option? Thanks.

I see that properties editing seems to be a paid feature. Maybe that's a reason why this is not the default. Still, it would be nice to have this option for users who enabled this feature (if it's not there yet).

This isn't currently an option - but would be a good addition as currently you can't search by created date but having this as an optional property would enable this. I'll consider this for a future update.

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Cool, sounds like it could be a useful addition

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