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Mirror Org Events to iOS Calendar

Would it be possible to mirror events to a calendar on iOS?  Suppose we required each BeOrg user to create a calendar on iOS expressly for BeOrg.  This calendar could then be shared (read-only?) with other accounts on iOS. Only the creator of the calendar would make changes to the calendar via BeOrg and that would be just add an Org event if it isn't already there. Deleting Org events that have been marked as DONE (or simply deleted) would also be nice (unmatched IDs), but maybe not necessary (it's an archive that way).  Use-case: non-BeOrg users (like wife and children) now see your events in the normal iOS fashion -- no new app to teach them.

What do you think?

It certainly would be possible - and as you say use an ID property to maintain a link between the event in beorg and the event on the calendar. I find myself using Apple reminders for tasks which I share with my wife and can see the benefit of moving this into beorg. I don't have any plans in the near term to add this but it is on my big list of possible future features.

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Maybe uploading events to the iOS calendar could be done with BeOrg URL search and Shortcuts?  As I said, syncing with the calendar may not be necessary -- the Shortcut would only be used if you feel Org is up-to-date and it cam be left in the calendar for historical purposes.  URL search would need to search for "ShowOn" less than, equal to, or greater than a date to pick up all ShowOns.  Hmm, not susre how to deal with events that were already in the calendar.

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