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Support for multiple date specs in headline?

Dear developer,

Thank you very much for the wonderful app. It even allows one to run a Scheme REPL on a phone, what a time to be alive!

I have the following observation. Some of my Org headlines contain severalĀ  data specs to describe a repeating event on multiple weekdays. Beorg only shows the events coming from the first date spec it finds in a headline, or so it appears.

For example, I could have the following in an Org file:

* Repeating Meeting
  <2020-10-06 09:30-09:45 +1w>
  <2020-10-07 09:30-09:45 +1w>
  <2020-10-08 09:30-09:45 +1w>
  <2020-10-09 09:30-09:45 +1w>

In org-calendar, this would result in calendar entries for every following Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. In Beorg, there is an entry only on the Tuesdays.

The user could split up the headline into separate days, of course, however this is a bit of a hassle given that some iCal -> Org conversions (eg. emacs-gnus-icalendar) do the conversion like in the above example.

Please let me know what you think of this, whether this is a bug, feature request, or whether the user should adjust on their side.

Kind regards,


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This is a current limitation of beorg. Hopefully one I intend to remove at some point in the future. This will probably be to allow such events created outside of beorg to appear correctly in the agenda rather than create/edit such events, at least initially.

Thank you for posting to the forum and happy to hear you are enjoying beorg!

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