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Repeated tasks / set property :LAST_REPEAT: ?

In Emacs, when I check off a repeated task,

1. the state change is logged in the LOGBOOK

2. the PROPERTIES section will update a property named :LAST_REPEAT:

Beorg seems to log the state change beneath :PROPERTIES: section, above :LOGBOOK:, plus it won't update the property `:LAST_REPEAT:`

Is there  a setting that will make it behave like Emacs / Org-Mode?

I've noticed the same thing, and it's pretty frustrating as I log lots of habits, and none of them go into the logbook :(

beorg doesn't currently support the LAST_REPEAT property. You should however be able to get the state change logged into LOGBOOK. beorg defines the following variables which you can customize (using set!) in an file:

(defvar org-log-done 'time
  "What to do when the state of an item is changed to a done state. This can be either 'time (to add a CLOSED line with a timestamp) or #f")

(defvar org-log-repeat 'time
  "What to do when the state of a repeated item is changed to a done state. This can be either 'time (to log the state change) before going back to a todo state or #f")

(defvar org-todo-repeat-to-state #f
  "Set this to a state, e.g. TODO, if you want a task state to be reset to something specific when marked as done and there is a repeat modifier on a date.")

(defvar org-log-into-drawer #f
  "The name of the drawer to log state changes and clock/timer entries to. If set to #f then don't log state changes into a drawer. A sensible name for this is LOGBOOK.")

(defvar org-repeat-update-show-banner #t
  "Set this to #f if you would rather than have a banner shown telling you of the new date for a repeating item when the state is set to done.")

I am also trying to get this to work with org-habit. I added this to

#+begin_src scheme
(set! org-log-into-drawer "LOGBOOK")

Beorg adds the drawer above :PROPERTIES: but org-habit seems to want it below. Even if I have an existing :LOGBOOK: drawer beorg adds a new one above :PROPERTIES:. Any way to make beorg use an existing :LOGBOOK: drawer?

This is probably part of this bug - I'll look at fixing this so that the PROPERTIES drawer always appears write after the headline/planning information - and that if there is both a LOGBOOK and a PROPERTIES drawer that the PROPERTIES drawer always appears first.

There is a new TestFlight build out now which hopefully will fix the PROPERTIES/LOGBOOK ordering issue. Still more todo on some of the specific issues mentioned in this thread but hopefully this will help.

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