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File Page in Beorg Hang


Been having a fine time with org, especially since my last issue was fixed with the help of this forum.

Currently, when I am in safari (iOS 14.2, iphone XR) and I click the share menu to use the File Page in Beorg shortcut, absolutely nothing happens.

Now, there are two conditions under which it will "work."

The first is if I've just restarted my phone and its the first page I attempt to file.

The second is if I then use another shortcut.  A dialogue pops up that says 'File Page in Beorg' and a little stop button (see attached picture). If i hit that, it looks like it goes to beorg for a second, then returns to shortcuts.

I have no idea what's hanging it up. It could easily be a shortcuts problem, but I've not idea how to trouble shoot.

Any suggestions?

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So,  based on this, I simply switched ‘Open URL with x-callback’ to ‘Open URL.’ Which for my purposes is sufficient. So I’ll called it solved for now!

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