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Slow input from external keyboard in Beorg


I am mostly using my iPad Air 2 with a logitech Keys-to-go external keyboard. When I use Beorg and input text into any field I get really slow response. It takes 0.5-1-5 seconds between pressing a key on the keyboard until it shows up on the screen. This issue has been consistent through IOS 13 and 14, it is the same issue with a apple magic keyboard that I tried with and this is not an issue in other apps. I would love for this issue to be solved so that I can actually take notes in Beorg when I only have my ipad with me. Any other information I can give to help solve this issue?

If you are able to create a video demonstrating the slow text entry that would be great. If it could show entry into a variety of fields.

Have you created an file to customise beorg? If so have you changed any of the keyboard shortcuts or the text editor commands?

I am sorry but not had any opportunity to make a video yet but I will try for that in the coming weekend. Will be shaky iPhone video of my iPad while typing with one hand so be warned. 

And no, I have not changed anything through, I have only changed settings available in the graphical settings screen in the app. 

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