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File name not complete

beorg version: 3.7.1, 3.7.2

I'm using webdav and syncing files between mobile and desktop. And recently the the file name start missing the prefix character.

For example, in my server:

➜ data ls

And in beorg file names become:


I have a similar problem but also suffered severe data loss :(

Before upgrading to 3.7.2, I had a working webdav sync. The URL is '', the path is '/'. No problems whatsoever.

After upgrading to 3.7.2, I started beorg and added one todo. Later, I marked that as done and wondered about my other todos. Nothing showed up.

After investigating, I found that my file with hundreds of entries is completely gone, there's only an file and a file with that single done item that I added after upgrading. Everything else from is gone.

The mangled filename is present in all other files but they don't seem to suffer data loss.

The file has no previous beorg versions. The oldest beorg version of the file  seems to have the content before the upgrade. But I'm not sure since I can't compare with my own backups at the moment.

The above workaround with the paths should resolve your issue. 

Once you've got the workaround working if you long press on the file you should be able to access beorg's internal backups of the file to recover any data which went missing. Very sorry for these issues, data loss is the worst possible effect of a bug in an app :(

Worse problem is when adding new task item to the file, 

  for example, adding a new task to inbox. 

1. beorg will created new inbox file locally.

2. sync, and the new inbox file will overwrite the old inbox file in server

3. after sync, the new inbox file became nbox locally.

When configuring the WebDAV sync settings make sure that  the folder is specified in the folder field, and not as part of the URL.

For example, the following might cause issues:

Path - '/'

Whereas the following should work fine:

Path - '/org'

I'll look at fixing this in a future update, however the above should solve your issue.
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