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BeOrg and Drafts

Anyone have information on using BeOrg and Drafts together on an iPhone?  In particular, I'd like to know:

1. Do the two share the iCloud directory containing the files?  I'm already synchronizing this directory with Working Copy to Github.

2. Any gotchas about BeOrg updating a file while you're working on it with Drafts or vice versa?

I haven't used Drafts that recently, but I don't think it can edit files directly from iCloud - rather it maintains its own database. So whilst you can import a file it doesn't maintain a link to the original file so that it can save the contents back again. Other apps such as iA Writer though can work like that. In general though I wouldn't edit a file in another app that beorg currently has open (such as in the outline or text editor).

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I use drafts as a bridge to get things into beorg without issue. But, as Matthew said, drafts keeps its own database, not in a way that can be edited in situ, so it should really, I think, be considered a way of getting information between various places and not a working environment in and of itself (unless you plan on using nothing but drafts forever and hoping they will remain in business).

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I am great fan of Drafts(4) but share Steen's concerns. So while I don't consider a working environment either I have added a couple of things which help me make better use of Drafts. I created a "action" to export items I could be working on for more than a day to Dropbox as markdown files which means, at least, I have a backup which I can edit. I also use 1Writer on iPad & iPhone which means I can edit the markdown files in Dropbox and with a 1Writer action to send files to Drafts I could restore a lost, damaged or otherwise unusable items.

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