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Sync issues

First off, thank you so much for making Beorg. Having access to my org files on my iOS device has been the best thing ever. Put simply, my issue is about files syncing. After updating to iOS14, all my org files are showing up on the ”files” screen of beorg with the first letter of the file name missing. So a file named: Is showing up as: I have about 5 files and all of them are cleanly missing the first letter of the file name. When trying to open these files with missing letters, they appear to be blank. Here are the steps to produce my issue (and my rather convoluted setup) 1. Download and install Beorg (tried reinstalling) 2. Set file sync type to iCloud 3. Create a file named anything (test in my case) 4. Save the file 5. Edit the file (add a heading or something) 6. Note the file that was created is now missing the first letter from its name. 7. I actually pull my org files from GitHub using a separate that syncs files in a repo to an iOS folder. After pulling all the files from a repository, all these of files also appear to be missing the first letter of their file name. These issues started right around when I updated my phone to iOS14

There is an issue with iCloud sync when the sync folder is changed from '/org' to '/' or ''. As a workaround change back to syncing to a folder such as '/org' within the beorg iCloud folder.

I don't think this is an iOS 14 issue as such but likely the update to beorg 3.7.1 which introduced this bug.

Let me know if the above workaround doesn't fix your issue. I hope to have a fix out ASAP.

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Thank you so much Matthew! Reverting back to a folder called org in the beorg iCloud Drive folder got it working again! The share sheet still seems to not be working but I have most of the functionality back. This workaround fixes my problem. Now my folder structure looks like this: iCloud Drive/beorg/org/“all my files go here” Thanks again for your help!

Thanks for your patience with this. I'm hoping to release an update in the next couple of days which fixes both the issue you experienced and the share extension - just doing some final testing now before submitting to Apple.

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