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3.7.1 sharing

For some reason sharing no longer works for me since the 3.7.1 update. I share, say, a bit of text to Beorg to the default inbox file (called inbox.txt for me) but when I open Beorg it doesn’t show up there. This is on an iPad mini with software version 13.7

Same here with 3.7.1 . and WebDav.

I checked with another phones, it is related to 3.7.1 and not iOS 14.

Using an iOS shortcut with x-callback doesn't work either.

I'm looking into these issues and hope to have a fix ASAP.

3.7.2 fixed it for me. Thank you so much!
Yup. Fixed in the latest version. Thanks for the swift response!

How do you get 3.7.2?

3.7.2 will be rolling out over the next week if you use automatic update of your apps. You can however choose to install it now by going to the updates section in the App Store app (e.g. long press on the App Store icon and choose updates, then scroll down to see beorg and tap Update).

Thank you!

Thank you!

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