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3.7.1 experimental subfolders

Has anyone had any success enabling the experimental subfolders with iCloud?

I'm having trouble syncing in the app even though I have made changes in my org dir and I'm not sure if it is an issue with the feature or my unfamiliarity with iCloud syncing. I'm used to Dropbox.

One issue is that I can see my the directory "roam", but there are no files in it.

I can't get this to work properly. I use WebDav, and when I activate subfolders, I don't see my org files anymore. I tried to create a "notes" folder, and put them there, but they didn't show up. When I created a new file, it got stored in the "notes" folder. But when I pressed the sync button, it disappeared.

It's also strange that when I close Beorg and restart, I don't have a notes tab anymore. And when I restart again, it reappears.

How is this meant to work?

+ What extension have you set beorg to use?

+ Can you provide an example of the folder structure you have?

For example beorg should continue to sync with the /org folder inside of which would be a notes folder and other folders (the notes folder name can be changed on the Settings tab).

I haven't set Beorg to use any extension.

My folder structure is

- org/



  - notes/


    - subfolder/


I use WebDav sync, with folder /org

When I disable sufolders in, I get this listing under files tab:

- notes/

- init

- tasks

When I tap on notes folder, I get an empty list.

When I enable subfolders in and restart Beorg, I get a "Notes" tab, which is empty. In the Files tab I see only the notes folder. Tapping that folder brings me to an empty list.

All of my tasks from are gone.

When I then restart Beorg without changing anyting in, the "Notes" tab disappears, and I see the same as I did when subfolders were disabled. Restarting again (without doing anyting) brings back the Notes tab, and my org files disappear again.

I'll look to spend some time revisiting this, at the very least to get the basic use case of folders working for WebDAV and iCloud.

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My use case (simplified) is the following: I have a `notes` folder on org-roam that contains subfolders `notes/topic`, `notes/meeting`,  `notes/project` and `notes/area`. I archive by moving files to sub-sub-folders `note/projects/archive`.

I only put TODOs in `area` and `project` files,  so those are the only subfolders that go in the agenda. Today I keep only `area`on beorg, so I'm missing some TODOs from `project` files in beorg, which is not a huge deal. It would be nice to be able to add also `project` to beorg, but I agree that it would be too slow to put every subfolder under `notes` in the agenda.

Otherwise, the task management in beorg is perfect for me and does not need to change.

For note-taking, this is what I'm missing, in descending priority:

  1. Edit any file in the subfolders of `notes` with good outlining functionality (essential)
  2. Find a note by fuzzy match of the `#+TITLE` or at least file name (essential)
  3. Find a note by full text search of all the file content (very important)
  4. Follow links between notes (important)
  5. Follow links between headings (nice to have)
  6. Favorite files for quick access on mobile (nice to have)
Looking forward for what you come up with, this feature is really needed! Unfortunately I'm on Dropbox so I'll have to wait a bit to test it out.
Thanks for your work.

Hi Matthew,

Apparently, find  tasks “in file” does not work if the file is in the subfolder.  Find tasks works for other item  properties.

Stay safe and thanks,


Are you giving it a full relative path for the file or just the file name. For example f notes/important or f important?

I tried both. Maybe tried wrong. Let me try again.

Thanks, sorry and never mind. Works!


Is it possible to deactivate subfolders?

I have an org structure with my agenda-related files in the root ~/org directory, then all my misc nonsense (hundreds of files) in ~/org/reference/. I connected beorg to my Working Copy git repository (~/org) and all my files show up as if they are all in one directory. I have (set! sync-subfolders #f) set in my

Are you using Working Copy synced folder support - or beorg's "choose folder" sync method?

Potentially you might be best off reinstalling beorg if things have got confused.

I'm using beorg's choose folder sync method. I have reinstalled both apps, and the behaviour is now very consistent. Beorg always shows all files as if they are in one single directory, and after import, Working Copy shows that all files have been copied into the root directory. If I revert that change, beorg still shows all files, regardless of their directory. If I make edits in beorg, the file is duplicated into the root directory in Working Copy. This behaviour seems completely stable, I am able to reproduce it with different repos in Working Copy, and across reinstalls.

I'm using beorg, and it's great! I'm also using org-roam as others mention, and I've turned on "sync-subfolders". While turning on this option has enabled the ability to set a "notes" folder, and view directories within the "Files" view, it does not appear to be actually syncing the contents of the subfolders.

I'm using iCloud for the syncing mechanism. In order to get files to show in subfolders, I must go to the "Files" app on my phone, and manually download each file. Once this has been done, they appear & properly get synchronized with updates.

I just wanted to report this behavior in case it was useful as you continue to develop this feature.



Hi. I'm wondering what the status is on the subfolders feature. I'm on that latest iOS release, using iCloud, and I think my has the correct code `(set! sync-subfolders #t)`. But, I see neither subfolders nor a notes tab. Is there some other configuration I need to set up? Thanks!

Make sure (set! sync-subfolders #t) is in an org source block.
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