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3.7.1 experimental subfolders

Has anyone had any success enabling the experimental subfolders with iCloud?

I'm having trouble syncing in the app even though I have made changes in my org dir and I'm not sure if it is an issue with the feature or my unfamiliarity with iCloud syncing. I'm used to Dropbox.

One issue is that I can see my the directory "roam", but there are no files in it.

@ashish Doh! I was hoping that would be your easy-fix problem.

Just confirming you have the following in your


#+begin_src scheme
  (set! sync-subfolders #t)


@ashish That might be your problem. The source code block cannot be all on one line. Try:


#+begin_src scheme
  (set! sync-subfolders #t)


I added two spaces now. Folders still not visible

I wonder if the sync icon on top right means anything?

@Matt, I played around with this a bit more:

1) I copied my notes folder on the iPhone. The result was the same. I can see the new notes tab, and files from the main notes folder. Sub folders and the notes therein are not visible.

2) I copied my notes to the berg folder on iCloud. Upon restarting the app, the sub folders magically appeared!

I hope there can be a way to run this on my original notes folder on iCloud.

@ashish sorry for the delay getting back to you. Where are your notes stored? In the “notes” or “roam” directory? You can change which directory to store your notes from beorg in the settings menu in the “Notes folder” text box.
No worries @Matt, and thank you for your further follow up My notes are stored in roam folder on iCloud. I can change the folder (using iCloud sync method) but the folder has to be inside the beorg app folder. For this reason, I was initially using the Choose Folder sync method

Hey folks, any luck with subfolder support for iCloud? I can't seem to get my daily folder to sync.

I used the "Choose folder" method, and pointed it at a shared iCloud directory. The contents are syncing (in the root directory), but not the subfolders.

Any ideas?

Subfolders aren't currently supported on the "choose folder" method. This is something I hope to rectify in the near future as I've been working on better support for Org roam.

Got it. Which sync methods currently support subfolders?

There is a beorg update out today which extends subfolder support to the "choose folder" sync method. So now subfolders are supported on all sync methods except for Box. The new update, 3.15.0, will be rolling out over the next 7 days - or you can manually install via the updates section in the App Store app.

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Hey Matthew, I upgraded to 3.15.0 but no luck with subfolders yet. I see a single subfolder (it was there previously) but it's empty. I "unlink"ed and relinked with no changes. Is there something else I can try short of deleting/reinstall the app?

Thank you


Hi Matthew, ‘Choose Folder’ subfolders is not working for me either, with 3.15.0 IOS 15.5 and a Premium Annual Subscription. My in the root contains: #+begin_src scheme (set! sync-subfolders #t) #+end_src Subfolders work with iCloud. I have an elaborate workaround using iCloud local syncing with a local Working Copy folder that syncs to gitlab branch successfully, but wanting to simplify instead of if having to sync every commit twice. Many thanks for a great app My is attached
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Hi Matthew, I have also clicked Debug - Reset Database, and I have tried deleting and reinstalling app and restoring purchases, but subfolders still do not appear for the ‘choose folder’ option in 3.15.0. ICloud sync subfolders working.

Thank you for reporting this issue. I've tracked down the problem and it is a beorg issue rather than anything with your configuration. I hope to get a fix out in the next couple of days for this.

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