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3.7.1 experimental subfolders

Has anyone had any success enabling the experimental subfolders with iCloud?

I'm having trouble syncing in the app even though I have made changes in my org dir and I'm not sure if it is an issue with the feature or my unfamiliarity with iCloud syncing. I'm used to Dropbox.

One issue is that I can see my the directory "roam", but there are no files in it.

Is this an all or nothing feature it is it possible to sync some but not all folders?

This is currently an all of nothing feature. I'm currently doing some work on allowing beorg to work much more effectively with potentially large numbers of files, at that point I'll look to allow folders to be excluded from the sync - and hopefully enable subfolder support for the remaining sync methods and have turned on by default. One thing to bear in mind is that beorg only syncs org files, so even if there are other folders in the tree unless they contain org files they shouldn't get synced - so don't worry about beorg potentially syncing other (potentially large) files.

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