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3.7.1 experimental subfolders

Has anyone had any success enabling the experimental subfolders with iCloud?

I'm having trouble syncing in the app even though I have made changes in my org dir and I'm not sure if it is an issue with the feature or my unfamiliarity with iCloud syncing. I'm used to Dropbox.

One issue is that I can see my the directory "roam", but there are no files in it.

Hi Matthew, I have been running into timeout issues when trying to sync files using Dropbox. I have a fairly deep directory structure with some large, non-org files inside. The error I'm getting is "Sync could not be completed. [LFC] There seems to be an issue with your Internet connection. Check that you are online.: The request timed out."

When I set the root directory for the sync to a shallow directory without large files, it completes with no issue.  My guess is that the app is trying to download a larger file and timing out. Do you think it'd be possible to extend the amount of time the app waits before timing out? 

I'm using version 3.16.0. Thanks!


Thank you for this feedback. My guess here is that the issue relates to how Dropbox handles getting directory listings - it does this in batches, so you need to call the API after each batch for the next set of files. beorg itself doesn't timeout the requests, however potentially the Dropbox SDK is.

It would be interesting to see what is being logged by beorg when attempting to sync. To get this information see We can then see whether my hypothesis is correct.

Kind Regards


Hi Matthew and thanks for the quick response. I've attached the log below. 


Thanks Richard for providing the log. My understanding is that Dropbox supports internal (that is in Dropbox to other folders within Dropbox) symbolic links. Do you by any chance have any of those that potentially might be confusing beorg? (It is odd in your log that the first request made to Dropbox takes a while, but then the subsequent ones return quite quickly.) I'm updating the Dropbox debug so that it includes the number of files/folders returned with each response from Dropbox which may help further diagnose this.

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Sounds like this could be the culprit. I’m away from my personal machine at the moment but will check and get back to you early next week with this info.

I was just able to recursively search my Dropbox folder for symlinks with ls -lR ~/Dropbox/org | grep ^l and nothing was returned, so I don't think this is the problem. Once the debug output is updated I'd be happy to run this again and re-send the logs. In the meantime I may try copying the entire directory sans large files and trying to sync that to see if it works.


You mention that beorg is some way from being a note taking app.  Would it make sense to recommend one (or more) iPhone note taking apps that save files in the cloud and then provide an add-on program that picks up those files, fixes them up for (Be)org , and copies them into the beorg sync folder?

The issue here would be that people would expect syncing between beorg and the other app - which may be tricky. I personally add some notes to beorg, or more commonly use Tot and then create notes I want to keep when back in Emacs. I'm not currently therefore particularly familiar with current plain text note taking apps which could be feasibly used as you've described.

It would be interesting to here what people use for notes, who are also keen on ensuring they are kept in plain text - and would maybe prefer to use beorg eventually.

beorg does now have a database which it caches information from the org files it manages. My hope is to migrate those parts of beorg which currently query the files directly to use the database. At this point it becomes much more feasible to position beorg as a note taking app which can comfortably manage thousands of small files each of which contains a single note - with support for easy linking between them.

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It would be also absolutely grate to have easy links between notes and tasks….

Are subfolders working with git (Working Copy/Sync folder)? I'd like to try out that feature but I am using git and I am quite happy with a workflow that automatically pulls or commits/pushes when I open or close beorg

I have had reports from many people that this works fine. I've done some testing myself with this setup and not see any issues.

Confirming that it works here. Successfully able to use shortcuts that activate a-shell to push/pull a git repository when opening or closing either logseq or beorg. Logseq can look in its application folder for the pushed/pulled repo, and beorg can look in that folder too. Desktop emacs can run off its own copy and hook to push/pull from the repo as well, and all lines up.

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