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3.7.1 experimental subfolders

Has anyone had any success enabling the experimental subfolders with iCloud?

I'm having trouble syncing in the app even though I have made changes in my org dir and I'm not sure if it is an issue with the feature or my unfamiliarity with iCloud syncing. I'm used to Dropbox.

One issue is that I can see my the directory "roam", but there are no files in it.

How did you enable experimental subfolders? Does beorg allow subfolders now? I would be so happy if we could have that feature!

In the latest release of beorg you can enable support for subfolders if you are using WebDAV (also iCloud but a few issues). To do so add the following to your beorg

(set! sync-subfolders #t)

When you then restart beorg you'll see a new notes tab (which shows files from a notes directory you can configure on the Settings tab) and the ability to navigate and manage folders on the files tab. You can also refer to the folders in template filenames.

Let me know how you get on!

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Hi Mathew, I am using Dropbox. Got sub folder and Notes tab. Beorg creates new files in the sub folder but does not see them after sync, though the files actually stay in the Dropbox. Thanks for your help.

At the moment subfolders is only implemented for WebDAV and iCloud. I'm hoping to complete the work on the other sync systems (Dropbox and Box) soon-ish and make generally available in beorg. I'll be releasing beta builds as and when Dropbox is supported.

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Nice feature! I was testing it with org-roam -- are the file links supposed to work? As clicking them doesn't seem to open the linked note (I didn't yet do much debugging).

If you can provide some examples of files links you'd expect to work that would be great.

Just logged in to make this suggestion, happy to see it's being worked on! 

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