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Swipe for to change task status no longer working after update

After update to the latest version of Beorg swipe to the left no longer brings up option to change task status.

I'm seeing this working for me. What version of iOS are you using? Please note the swipe to change task status doesn't work on calendar or reminder entries.

Hi Matthew, I’m using iOS 13.7. Here’s why I think it wasn’t working. But it’s a new issue. Check out the attached file. BeOrg appears to be making temp files and adding them to the list. This has never happened before. When I deleted them swipe to the left started to work. Now they are being created again. Regards, Justin
What sync method are you using? If you are using iCloud and have changed the sync folder to / there is a bug in this latest release. The workaround is to change the sync folder back to org (or another subfolder).

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I’m using iCloud. I’ll make the change to the location of the sync folder. Thx.
Hi Matthew, The sync folder was in /org the whole time. Could it be something else?

Ah, of course! It is caused by filenames with spaces. I have managed to reproduce this now. Thank you for your patience with this issue, I'll look to get this resolved ASAP.

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