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Creating new tasks from templates messes up when creating subtasks

I’ve created a template to create a new item/task under a top-level heading. From the new item template screen, I add sub items and they appear correctly in the new task window. However when I tap Done and go back into the file/task, it has created the sub items at the same level as the new task I created.

Could you post a screenshot(s) showing your template?


Thanks for the screenshot. This is unfortunately a bug. I'll look to get this fixed.

All good! Thank you
Hi Matthew. Just checking in to see if you’ve had a chance to look into this? The bug still exists and I’ve been finding that it’s not just when using templates but also just when adding any sub task - you have to save, go back to the files screen then back into the file again for it to display, which means digging back through layers of org hierarchy to find where I was again.

I haven't solved this issue yet - thanks for the prod, I'll bump this one up my priority stack.

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I haven't forgotten about this bug and a fix for this will be in the next release.

Thanks Matthew, appreciate it

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