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find all recent updates on this forum?

Is there a straightforward way to find all posts to this forum, sorted by date, starting from most recent?  I come here every couple of months to see what has happened since I last looked, and it seems that I need to look separately at every category -- so I often worry that I might have missed something relevant. 

I don't have any experience with freshdesk, other than looking at the beorg support forum.

Thanks again for all of your work on beorg.


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Annoyingly not that I can see unfortunately. To be honest I'm not that happy with Freshdesk itself, the ticket system on occasion gets so much spam which looks as though would be easier to filter/catch. The forum however is relatively low cost compared to competing versions. In the past I've tried self hosting various solutions but the time taken to administer quickly ratchets up.

The main page however does show the most recent topics in each category. It isn't a particularly high traffic forum in terms of new topics however, most activity happens within topics.

If any one is more familiar with Freshdesk and knows a way to do this let me know!

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