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Sync could not be completed : 3.7.0 (200)

I'm beta testing Version 3.7.0 (200).  I am seeing an error message (modal dialog box) that I have never seen before:   "Sync could not be completed.  There was a problem uploading a file to org/."

The dialog box does not tell me which file(s) could not be synchronized and does not give me any details that could let me track down the source of the problem.

It appears that my inbox org file (which I call "0inbox.txt" for my own reasons) is among the files that were not synced: I added an item to it, which has not made its way over to my desktop emacs.

Are there steps that you recommend for me to take in order to provide useful diagnostic information?

Shall I try toggling back and forth between the testflight version and the stable version to see whether the problem indeed tracks the software version?

Many thanks for your work on beorg.  I've been completely dependent on it for over two years.


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Thanks for reporting this issue.

Which sync method are you using? If you could take a look at the beorg debug log (see and either copy/paste any relevant bits here - or send to me via a ticket or email - that might shed some light on what is happening.

This release does contain code to handle subfolder support - and can be enabled via a flag in an file as currently experimental - so it might be that is the cause. If you could also post a screenshot of the beorg Settings tab showing your sync settings that may also be useful - potentially it is how the org folder path is defined here, and the code needs to be a little more flexible in how it handles it.

There is certainly no issue in switching between the release App Store version and the TestFlight version - everything will work fine doing that.

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