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Support for org tables

In the Beorg app, I would greatly appreciate the ability to:

- create tables (easily insert and recognize the '| ... | ... |' syntax as a table).

- move in table content ("Enter "to move to next row in the same column, a button to move to next column just like the "Tab" on computer keyboards).

- edit table content (copy/paste column-wise).

... for a start :).

A step further towards the ideal Org-friendly app!

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I would eventually like to incorporate my Markdown table editor into beorg (see to help with tables. No definite date yet for doing this.

While it would be really nice to have strong table support, I think something a lot easier might perhaps be able to done:

Simply having tables displayed (a) without line wrapping, and (b) in a fixed width font would make reading tables much easier. Not as wonderful as being able to edit them in beorg, of course, but still, it would be a big step forward to be able easily to read ones that were formatted elsewhere.

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I have a lot of tables in my org files. It would be great to see them nicely formatted in beorg. :-)

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I'd like to add my +1 to this. I've gotten into using org-mode tables extensively and would find it very helpful to be able to at least be able to view them properly in beorg and perhaps do simple edits in a fixed-width font. Thanks!

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