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   Great app, I'm loving it! I have configured a "Next Actions" agenda view in Emacs to show me just the next action for each project using the org-agenda-skip-function as described here [0]. I was wondering if it would be possible to duplicate the same functionality in Beorg? In other words, to customize the agenda as described in the org-mode documentation [1]. This would be helpful for anyone following David Allen's "Getting Things Done" paradigm.



Kind regards,

Bob Wilson

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I have used the same agenda skip function in Emacs before, but now find it much more elegant to use the "ORDERED" property on a project and to set org-agenda-dim-blocked-tasks to true (grey out the blocked tasks). This way I can easily mix sequential and parallel projects and only the next actions show up in the agenda.

Unfortunately, amazing as the app is, the ordered property is currently not supported in beorg. It would be great if that were the case!

I would like to look at making search, sort (and grouping) much more flexible to give you the kind of flexibility you would like. I'm currently working on subfolder support and better support for using beorg for note taking. Hopefully once that is complete and working well my next big beorg project will be to look at this.

That's great to read! 

Hey I'm wondering if the recent updates to search will now support this use case. Iminterested in using beorg for this as well.

I have the following saved search in beorg called "Task Board":


Breaking this down:

  • Group the results by state (the order of the states will match the order defined on the Settings tab)
  • Only show a headline which has one of the following states - NEXT, IN-PROGRESS or WAITING
  • Sort within the group alphabetically by file

In Emacs I then have a custom agenda command:

  (setq org-agenda-custom-commands
        '(("n" "Agenda + Task Board"
          ((agenda "")
           (todo "NEXT")
           (todo "IN-PROGRESS")
           (todo "WAITING")))))

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