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Notifications Not Working

beorg 3.6.2 (190)

iOS 13.5.1


My notifications are currently not working. I have checked the Notifications tab in Settings, and Beorg notifications are enabled. 

I currently have my "Timed task reminders (minutes)" set to 30, however it seems that the application is scheduling the notifications four hours too late. For example, I have a TODO reminding me of my morning run at 8:00, which mean a notification scheduled at 7:30, but the log states that it's scheduled for "2020-06-22 11:30:00 +0000". All event notifications are consistently four hours late on the log. Overdue tasks aren't showing a red badge on the side either.

The app was working fine, this only started recently.



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Never mind, notifications are working again today. I had uninstalled and reinstalled the app yesterday, but I'm not sure if that's what fixed it.

Thanks for the update! Ignore my email I've just sent you. If the issue happens again please let me know.

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I have been having this issue. I do received notifications for all of my daily tasks in the morning. None of the entries with a timestamp produce a notification. 

My log shows over 400 scheduled notifications. I tried reinstalling the app but his didn't make a difference. 

I appreciate any guidance. 

Do you have any tasks which are set to frequently repeat? iOS limits each app as to how many notifications they can schedule. If you have tasks due soon which are set to repeat very frequently sometimes this can explain why you aren't getting your notifications. If you could send through part of the log showing the first tasks to be scheduled that would be great. Probably best to raise a ticket to supply this information. See for how to access the log as text you can copy into another app.

I have a lot of tasks that repeat weekly as few that repeat daily. I'll send that piece of my log to you. Thanks!

I haven't been getting notifications on my iPhone or iPad for a few days. After uninstalling & reinstalling beorg on my iPad I received Daily notifications but not timed notifications. Timed notifications appear in the log file and seem to look ok, for example

14:44:20 Scheduling notification: {
    title = “Scheduled for Today at 15:45”;
    when = “2021-01-28 15:44:00 +0000”;

This failed to trigger a notification so I would appreciate advice on what to try next.

Today (Friday, 29th Jan) I didn't receive any scheduled task or daily task notifications which is a worse than yesterday.

Thank you for getting in contact via the forum. If you could answer the following questions that will hopefully help me get to the bottom of your issue:

  • What version of iOS are you running?
  • What version of beorg are you running? (In beorg go to the Settings tab and scroll down until you see the version stated)
  • How many notifications are being scheduled in total by beorg? In the log file look for the line "Finished scheduling notifications" and the value of count
  • Are there many notifications being scheduled before the the timed notification to provided the example for?
  • Did you have beorg open and on the screen when you expected to see the notification(s) - or were you using another app/the iPhone/iPad was asleep
  • In the Settings app > Notifications > beorg what alert types do you have ticked? (e.g. Lock screen, notification center, banners)
  • If you try turning your device off and then on again, and then opening beorg do you find that this fixes the issue with your notifications?

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The answers are the same for both my iPad & iPhone

  • IOS version 14.3
  • beorg 3.8.1 (216)
  • 70 notifications in total
  • The example provided was the first notification in the log file. (Did I understand your question correctly?)
  • Doesn't seem to matter if beorg is open and on screen or if I am using another app. If boerg is open and on screen nothing happens at all until beorg is closed and reopened and then the overdue status appears in red. If beorg is closed nothing seems to happen, no alert and the icon badge count doesn't change.
  • Settings are the same for both iPad & iPhone; Alerts for Lock Screen, Notifications, Banners (temporary), Sounds & Badges on, show Previews always
  • I have restarted both devices more than once and it made no difference. Also uninstalled & reinstalled beorg on my iPad and that too failed to resolve the issue.
Am happy to have a look at anything you suggest trying. I did wonder if changes I made to my init file might be interferring so removed it and restarted beorg but that made no difference either.

Thanks for responding promptly, I do appreciate it.


Thank you for providing answers to my questions. I think, on a further review of the code, it might indicate the issue. It would be helpful if you could try the following experiment - schedule two notifications to happen relatively soon. If my theory as to the issue is correct then the second will fire but not the first. If this is the issue then I should be able to implement a fix early next week. If you would like to help test this fix then I can provide a TestFlight invite to a test build.

I tried with two new scheduled notifications but neither fired however I already had an existing overdue notification which may have interefered so I'll try again shortly and ensure the two new notifications are due before any others.

As you suggested the first of the two new scheduled notifications didn't fire and the second one did fire.

Am happy to help test the fix through TestFllight when you have it ready.

Again, thanks for responding so promptly.

Have a good weekend.


I've invited you to TestFlight and there should be a fix shortly - look out for 3.9.1 which is with Apple for review at the moment. Thanks for confirming my theory. I'm looking forward to hearing whether this fixes the problem for you.

Thanks Matthew. Have just installed it on my iPhone and I'll let you know, probably Wednesday,

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