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Notifications Not Working

beorg 3.6.2 (190)

iOS 13.5.1


My notifications are currently not working. I have checked the Notifications tab in Settings, and Beorg notifications are enabled. 

I currently have my "Timed task reminders (minutes)" set to 30, however it seems that the application is scheduling the notifications four hours too late. For example, I have a TODO reminding me of my morning run at 8:00, which mean a notification scheduled at 7:30, but the log states that it's scheduled for "2020-06-22 11:30:00 +0000". All event notifications are consistently four hours late on the log. Overdue tasks aren't showing a red badge on the side either.

The app was working fine, this only started recently.



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Sorry Matthew, have just installed 3.9.0. Have added beorg to my TestFlight and will test 3.9.1 as soon as I can. Thanks.

Matthew, I installed 3.9.1 last night and it hasn't missed a notification since. I have 70 scheduled notifications listed in log-contents. I note the problem occurred if there were more than 64 scheduled notifications in a 2 month period and wonder what the upper limit is now. I ask because when I am planning a trip I would probably have another 50-60 items most of which would be scheduled along with my usual 65-75 items.

I haven't yet tested all day items but have created a couple for tomorrow and will confirm they worked tomorrow. Thanks for responding so promptly.


Matthew, All Day notifications worked perfectly this morning and the scheduled notifications continue to work as expected. Thank you for resolving this issue so promptly.

I am still interested to know if, say 150,  scheduled notifications would continue to work.

Thanks again.


That's great news!

beorg manages notifications as follows:

  • It gathers a list of all the notifications it would like to schedule for the next two months
  • It sorts those into order so the next notification to be shown is at the front of the queue
  • Then it schedules notifications for the first 64 from this list

It does this process every time you open beorg, and every time any files are updated. beorg asks iOS to fetch any updates to files in the background - and it is likely that iOS will allow beorg to run in the background and do these updates at least once per day.

So if you were to open beorg on day 1 and had 64 notifications scheduled over the next week, and then didn't open beorg again - and iOS didn't want to allow beorg to open in the background at all - then you would find after those 64 notifications had been exhausted that you wouldn't receive any more. However in practice if you open beorg before all 64 notifications have been shown then you'll find that this limitation never becomes an issue.

As beorg doesn't have any serverside resources it can't rely on a server sending push notifications so has to contend with the limitations of 'local' notifications. This however is mostly a benefit of beorg because it doesn't send your org files anywhere you haven't explicitly chosen it (e.g. iCloud, Dropbox, Box - or your own server using WebDAV if you prefer no third parties were involved in storing your data).

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That sounds fine because if I have 64 or more  notifications scheduled over the next week I'll be working through them and I am sure I can work with "only" 64 scheduled notifications. Thanks for explaining.

same problem here, the notification function hardly(it did notify me several times) worked in the past week. Could you add me to testflight list too?

Thank you volunteering to help test the fix for this problem. I've invited you to the TestFlight beta. Let me know how you get on.

I made a test entry and I'm not getting a notification either.  It's red in beorg now, since the time has come and gone.  Here's the text of the entry:

* TODO Test notifications
SCHEDULED: <2022-10-24 Mon 18:20>


My entire use of org more is predicated on beorg working, because I intend to use it to notify me of due todos.  What can I do to help find and fix this?

Wait, I got a notification today for a task!  I'm at work now and can't research why this one worked and the test notification did not.

Sorry for the noise.  I am so happy it worked. Whew.

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