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Notifications Not Working

beorg 3.6.2 (190)

iOS 13.5.1


My notifications are currently not working. I have checked the Notifications tab in Settings, and Beorg notifications are enabled. 

I currently have my "Timed task reminders (minutes)" set to 30, however it seems that the application is scheduling the notifications four hours too late. For example, I have a TODO reminding me of my morning run at 8:00, which mean a notification scheduled at 7:30, but the log states that it's scheduled for "2020-06-22 11:30:00 +0000". All event notifications are consistently four hours late on the log. Overdue tasks aren't showing a red badge on the side either.

The app was working fine, this only started recently.



Never mind, notifications are working again today. I had uninstalled and reinstalled the app yesterday, but I'm not sure if that's what fixed it.

Thanks for the update! Ignore my email I've just sent you. If the issue happens again please let me know.

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