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When opening beorg, scroll from start of the week to Today by default

Hey, I noticed that when beorg starts, I always look at Monday instead of the current day. Would be cool if the action of the „Today“ button would be triggered immediately! Thanks! — Christian

beorg should go to the current day when started. Do you have beorg start on the Agenda tab, or have you changed it to start on a different tab?

Also, which sync method are you using?

I'm syncing via Dropbox. I just looked very carefully when I opened beorg, and when I selected the Agenda tab, I noticed that it showed "Today", restoring the previous state, but then the sync bar at the top completed, it jumped to yesterday.

btw, can you fix the "wcroll"/"scroll" typo in the title? :)

Thanks for clarifying, I'll take a look and see why the jump happens.

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