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mail links across Linux/iOS

Dear all,

like two years ago, when I still used MacOS I used beorg to sync between laptop and iPhone. Now I switched to Linux and recently rediscovered the great beorg app. Unfortunately, while mail (message:) links worked across OS (MacOS/iOS) the same does not seem to be true for Linux/iOS (very different URL scheme). 

Does anybody maybe have an idea how to translate links of the following structure:


into a form that works on iOS?

Thanks for any help!


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I don't use MU4e, but a couple of things strike me:

  1. MU4e works off of local maildirs, so it's mail would not be available on other systems (unless...)
  2. MU4e can use mbsync to sync email from IMAP servers to its local maildirs (are you doing this)
  3. Therefore, you'd need a mailer that works with IMAP on iOS.
Question: where is the documentation on "message:"? (I didn't know about that)

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